Coffee Beanery

Welcome to Coffee Beanery. We're glad you're here.

Coffee Beanery is a Specialty Coffeehouse. This means we use only the top 10% of quality Arabica beans. The coffee used follows the standard set by the Specialty Coffee Association. This is a world-wide governing body that works directly with coffee farms to insure that only the finest Arabica coffee is graded as Specialty Coffee. But that's not all; the standard includes the cultivation & curing process, the roasting and finally the correct method of brewing. We Right Roast® our beans to insure only the best taste profile from specific Origin beans. All these components make Coffee Beanery unique when it comes to brewed and espresso coffees.

Our desire is to provide our guests an unparalleled experience in an environment of service, skill and knowledge of coffee. We strive to have our guests feel respected and comfortable. We encourage questions about varietal and flavored coffees, our all natural syrups and why the Swiss Water Process® is the best and safest way to enjoy decaffeinated coffee. We work with Sustainable Qatar using our discarded coffee grinds as an organic component for soil enrichment in Doha. We offer several varieties of Origin Coffees, beautiful china & porcelain cups, travel mugs and a selection of brewed coffee units for your personal use. We want to be your source for coffee and tea.