Al Tazaj Fakieh

Al Tazaj is a chicken BBQ Arabic restaurant which started and is based in Saudi Arabia, and has expanded in many countries in the Middle East. The first AL TAZAJ restaurant opened in the Holy city in Makah in 1989. The idea started by Shaikh Abdul Rahman Fakieh who owns Fakieh Poultry Farm in Saudi Arabai over 50 years ago.

His wife used to cook for him a small chicken because the meat of the small chicken is very tender and delicious, also by using the very traditional Arabian recipe which makes the taste of the chicken became even more delicious just like what we have right now in our Restaurant.

So the idea came to Shaikh Abdul Rahman to open a fast food restaurant and serve the same barbecued fresh chicken. From then onwards, it's been nothing but a success story because AL TAZAJ uses live poultry from Fakieh Poultry Farm and now AL TAZAJ currently serves its fresh barbecued chicken in more than 100 locations.

It serves a very, very delicious grilled B.B.Q chicken along with other dishes like Kofta with rice and kofta sandwiches. Our signature product is the very special B.B.Q chicken seasoned with traditional Arabian spices, garlic and lime sauce served with rice, bread or fries - it's "Yummy"!

We take pride in serving all natural, non-hormone fed chicken, and our prices are very affordable.