About Us

Sterling Catering Services is the single largest operator of high quality restaurants and catering operations in Qatar and is comprised of Sterling Restaurants, Sterling Franchised Restaurants, Sterling Institutional Catering, Sterling Outdoor Catering, Sterling Event Catering, Sterling Project Catering and Sterling Distribution Services.

Sirloin tips at Ponderosa

Our business is to serve great food to our guests at all times and the company strongly believes that the measure of success of any food establishments is "Quality". This has been achieved through constant training of staff to develop a "zero defect mentality" versus a "close enough".

In order to attain high standards we create an environment that harbors a passion and understanding for hygienically prepared food in a sanitized environment. In an industry which is so labor intensive, it is a challenge, but over the years we have developed and trained managers who are capable of leading people and manage systems. To achieve total quality we have committed ourselves to quality in all areas of our operations.